Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What next?

It is difficult to envision our life without him when we lose someone we love so much. It has been 3-months since Bob died and I thought I'd be doing much better by now and that planning a California memorial would be a good thing but that just isn't the case. In many ways I really am doing well, especially since dear Charlie was born, but the feelings of grief and loss are still overwhelming. I still have too many times when my emotions are raw to think of having another memorial service at this time.

Thank you for your sympathy, support, and caring. It helps. It really does.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Robert Charles Weidenfeller

Please help us welcome

Robert Charles "Charlie" Weidenfeller
October 3rd, 12:31 pm
8lb 11oz, 20"

We thought you'd all enjoy seeing pictures, and knowing that this new life has come to join our family. We couldn't be happier! Charlie is happy and healthy, and so are Katy and Scott!