Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thank You

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to attend Dad's memorial service. It was so wonderful to see so many people there to remember Dad and support each other through a difficult time. For those of you unable to attend, you will be pleased to hear the church was packed, standing room only!

I also thought those of you who couldn't be there would like a look at the photoboards that were on display. Thanks to Cliff Grimm for taking pictures of them! Click on each to see it larger...

I'm not sure if anyone's still checking here, but we're probably not going to update much more. There is a printing company that can turn blogs into printed books, so that's our plan for all of Dad's writing and your wonderful comments.

Thanks again to everyone for really going above and beyond for my whole family during the past six months.


Sarah said...

Sarah, Katy, and Verva: Thank you all so much for keeping this blog going. You'll never know how much it has meant to all of Bob's high school friends out here in CA. It became a daily ritual for all of us, then we would call each other with , "Have you read the blog today?" and discuss the latest news. This blog gave us all the feeling of being closer to Bob on his journey to meet his maker. We all walked the path with him, together. He was never alone. We all are so happy that Bob had such a wonderful family who made him a happy man and who loved him and took such good care of him. Our hearts go out to you in comfort for your loss. We're very thankful for the reunion last August and the trip to Bodega Bay. Bob was our guy, always happy and friendly. I have saved all our emails we shared over the last few years after finding each other again and I will always treasure them. I have been planning to print all these pages of the blog, but a book would be wonderful. Can you let us know if it's possibly to purchase one?
Thank you all for taking such good care of our buddy. We miss him, too. Sarah Bucknam Alhambra High School Class of '61

Kathy and Todd said...

Sarah, Katy amd Verva: Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures. Chance made us neighbors, but hearts made us friends. I will never forget the night Bob spent with me at St. Lukes. I really don't know what I would have done without him.

I'm glad we were all able to talk together before I left for Azerbaijan, and while here I've checked the blog daily. Our hearts go out to all of you, and you remain in Kathy's and my prayers.

John and Jo-Ann Lee said...

Verva, Sarah, Katy:

The various members of the Exxon Bay Area (San Francisco that is) Annuitants Club share the sentiments expressed by Sarah Bucknam. We too have been following the BLOG and have shared joy as well as sadness for the past months. Your gift of sharing in this BLOG has allowed us to participate once again in the life of a special friend to all of us from the Refinery. And Bob's most open warning about the risk factors for his cancer has perhaps saved more than one life from the 'bear'.

We hope to see you soon when you set a date for a life celebration activity out this way.

John Lee - Editor, Bay Area Annitants Club

Janine Clements (Falardeau) said...

There are so many people still out here in CA that loved your father so much. His wonderful spirit will be missed. You mentiond that there may be a memorial for Bob out here in CA. I know there are many people who would attend. Are plans being made? If so when might it be held? Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time...and beyond.

rindy said...

there are few who would have had the strength to open their hearts and feelings to the world during this difficult time; but this is yet another example of the extraordinary densmore family. at a time when most would stay in bed under the sheets; they care enough about others to see that we were along for this heartfelt journey.

through this blog, i feel like i am family to the densmore's and the frequent writers to the blog. through all of you "bloggers" you have shared your stories of bob and given all of us pages to his life that we may have not known and hopefully, we have done the same for you.

i will treasure my memories and your's....

thank you densmore family and all of you for being here for me and all of us who held on to each word on this blog. through your sharing, we all became family.

blessings upon you all.....rindy

Dan Stangel said...

Densmores, thank you for sharing so much with us. We will do well to live by the example you set. I really enjoyed seeing the picture boards you posted here.

We look forward to seeing you sometime soon in California, and you're always welcome in Colorado too.

Dan & Dana

Steve and Mimi said...

Dear Verva, Sarah and Katy,

Thank you for leaving Bob's blog up a little longer. We enjoyed looking over the photos of Bob and his precious family and dear friends. His strength and will to live was a testament to all of us. His love and devotion to his family....a model for all of us.

We were so honored to attend his memorial service. It was pure Bob and just what he would have wanted.

Verva dear, if you need anything please call....we are here for you.

Steve & Mimi