Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The holidays

Several folks have mentioned that they still occasionally check this blog so I thought I would let you know that I'm doing "okay".

Conventional wisdom says that holidays are the hardest times when we lose someone we love. This seems true to me. I'm so fortunate though that I have wonderful daughters and family and friends to help, and of course I have Charlie and he is a wonder. He is laughing now and seems to recognize me when he sees me. He's two months old, growing like crazy, and changing every day.

As the Christmas season begins, I am focused on my joys. There are still tears, as you would expect, but my energy is concentrated on my many blessings.

May your holiday be filled with happy memories and may you be surrounded by people that you love.


rindy said...

on a recent trip to conencticut i saw a company sign "densmore oil company" - thinking it would be a great addition to the project metal signs bob gave me after the end of each project - i sat and thought how i could possibly get that beautiful sign down, in the daylight and settled on a photo.

i see sarah and peter often at work and still look up when i hear sneaky footsteps towards my office - bob loved nothing more than sneaking up on me by bypassing my "early alarm system" slamming hall door.

he was and remains in my heart as do all of you...my wish is of past, new and future christmas memories.

bv said...

happy birthday bob

bv said...

happy birthday bob

bv said...

a little early, but you are so on my mind, happy birthday big brother Bob......i love you

you would be so happy to see how popular you are with all the 'anonymous' in the cyber world. who knew! at first it really upset me but i knew that you would just laugh it off or reply something wickly funny so i won't post what i really think about the spamers. see, i can be a lady if i try!
bv xoxoxo

bv said...

OMG, you would NOT believe the crap on your blog......missing you big time....I could say whatever I wanted and I don't think anyone would see it. But I won't...I just miss you and Johnny and I hate it!

bv said...

thanks to you and johnny march sucks....see, you can still bug me. love you and happy birthday...one day early.

Mike said...

love never dies.

barbara vasko said...

Thank you for so many kind things you did for me as I grew up