Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bodega Bay, California

Since I was computerless for a week out on the coast, I wrote three pages long hand with the intention of translating it into the blog upon our return. After looking it over I’ve decided to spare you the details of who came on what day and give you highlights.

From the kitchen of the rental you can see whales spouting and rolling in the ocean below. Who could ask for a better accompaniment to washing dishes? Bodega Bay is a healing place for Verva and me. The sea air and ocean vistas pretty well set aside any of your other troubles and concerns. My parents had a house here for many years and Katy and Sarah have been coming here since they were born. The beautiful thing about Bodega Bay is that it hasn’t been spoiled by tourists. Some things have changed considerably. The Tides Restaurant which was used in Hitchcock’s movie The Birds has gone upscale and lost much of its original character. However, next door the pink and white shop that sells salt water taffy is pretty much unchanged.

We had a total of 35 visitors over the course of our stay. They were divided up into family, high school and work. I appreciate more than I can say that these special people drove/flew to the California coast to spend time with me. I felt surrounded by support and positive thinking.

I did great on this trip, felt semi-normal most of the time and had no issues. The coast is a great place to nap, especially on a sand dune under the warmth of the sun, sheltered from the wind and surrounded by the noise of crashing waves.

Big stuff coming up – cat scan tomorrow – the first one since I started chemo. It will confirm that the chemo is working and that the cancer is being impacted. I won’t know the results until Monday and I have my fifth chemo session Monday afternoon.

Today is my 64th birthday and Verva bought me a bicycle. She says it’s better exercise than riding a lawn mower. Speaking of lawns – the good fairy that lives next door to me cut my grass and edged my lawn while I was away. Thank you, Jeff.

One day at a time – piece of cake.


Alison Stangel Bulson said...

Happy Birthday, Bob!

I have such happy memories of Bodega Bay... you and ALL the Densmore crew are a huge part of those good memories.

I think I'll spend the evening surfing the web for a used (ha, VERY used) camper/trailer.

P.S. I can't figure out how to get google/blogger to accept me as a blogger, but if you want to see what's up in my life, you can check out my website -!

Erin Davis said...

Hey Bob,

Just wanted to say Happy Happy Birthday. I wish I could have been at your Birthday gathering tonight but I had class. Hope your day was awesome and I'm excited to see you on that bike. Take care and let me know when you want another pineapple upside down cake.

Your Neighbor,


Anonymous said...

"She says it’s better exercise than riding a lawn mower."

So I guess your lawnmower doesn't look like one of these:

Bike Mower or Trike Mower

Tex Duncan

Anonymous said...

Hello Bob,

We enjoyed reading your story. Thanks for sharing with us, and glad to hear that you had a great time with all the family members and friends who came to visit you and Verva. And Happy Birthday to you and many more.

Hello Verva, Bug hug to you from both of us.

And all the best to you both,

Mike and Van, Hoang (your old neighbours on Lofty Mountain)

Ernie and Jo said...

Guess I goofed up on this blogging machine, so will start over. If there is confusion, blame it on me.

Anyway, Bob Jr., have a great Birthday and ride your bike with care. Be sure and get a "brain bucket" for the head, for they do protect one's cabesa, for sure. I know!

Enjoyed your thoughts on Bodega Bay, for I used to go up there a number of times when I was reaching maturity--whatever that is. Didn't realize that your folks had a place up there, though. Oh, the mysteries of life. Ha!

Anyway, glad to hear things are going well and that the positive stuff is working for you. Keep it up and happy 64th, you youngun', you!

Ernie Coffman