Thursday, March 8, 2007

Yesterday I went over to Baytown and visited my friends and had lunch with my daughters and Peter and Rindy. It was good to see everyone and it almost made me think I should go back to work when I feel good enough. Fortunately good sense prevailed and I remain fully retired.

In the evening we had a good meeting of the Building Committee at church and worked our way through a major decision that will let us get started on detailed engineering next week. Unfortunately, I may have overdone it some because I had some issues later in the evening.

My issues involve pressure in my stomach and an inability to relieve the pressure. It’s like when you eat too much or drink too much beer and pressure builds up in your stomach. Most people just belch and relieve the pressure. I’ve never been a burper so I end up with something like the dry heaves trying to relieve the pressure. This has been happening less and less frequently but I still have incidents. I have been unable to correlate them with food or activities. They’re kind of random. The good news is now it happens ever other day instead of every 20 minutes like it was in January.

I still feel like I’m getting better every week and I look forward to my 4th chemo treatment tomorrow because it will continue the improvement.

Thank you, Geri, for the John Deere tee shirts. Perfect gift.

One day at a time – piece of cake.


Terry said...

Bob, Verva - great to see Verva last night! We are going to go out when you guys are back from Calif!

Love, Terry & Clif

rindy said...

i was easy to spot with bob, girls and peter...the one that can't eat with chopsticks - but can use them to hold up my hair!

the food, company and conversation was great; but mostly it was great to get a bear hug from you is like you pass on strength, confidence and a sense of calm with every a time when you should be the one getting the support - you still have this ability to know when others need you and you find a way to give them what they need.....time and care from you.....

being part of your famiy lunch meant so much...taking the time to stop by and visit in my was a source of strength and comfort that i are a you all, rindy

Ed McGuire said...


Just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you.

Hi to Verva.

Ed McGuire

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, I continue to get inspiration from your blog and love to see how much better you are getting day by day. That Black Bear has taken to the woods! - Jane Rottier
p.s. you look like the Midnight Oil lead singer in that black t-shirt - cool dude!

Leslye said...

Hi dearest buddy Bob,
glad things are going so well - I get that belch thing too - as you say so well, piece of cake.
HOWEVER, the master naturalist in me is surfacing especially when you advertise putting six bags of fertilizer on your yard to your 190 fans on this blog. Bob, Bob, Bob! I love you bro but nitrogen in any form goes into our lovely creek and does a green out to our wild life. Now, I know your a hard core fertilizer guy but all of your many fans may not be so hard core - don't PUT fertilizer on your lawns as it goes down the drain and into our beautiful clear creek water shed. Can't help it dear Bob! You have too much influence for me to let that go.
Have fun in California!
Hugs, Leslye

Anonymous said...

Great picture Bob! With your new style, you're looking remarkably similar to 1960s Longhorn guard Bobby Gamblin (like he does now, that is). No reason anybody else should know that, but it's just uncanny. It's a great look.

Oh wow, I can even provide evidence.