Saturday, March 3, 2007

Relay For Life

We had a great visit with Sam and Maryo Hammonds, our long time friends from California. We did 6 days down the Grand Canyon with them in 2005. Sam and I started working at Exxon on almost the same day in 1973. Dinner tonight with a bunch from the church and tomorrow we’re going to the theatre in Houston. We’re season ticket holders for the Alley Theatre and I haven’t felt up to it until now. Should be fun.

Bought a bunch of fertilizer today so Monday will mean more tractor time.

Feeling good, getting by.

Relay For Life

On April 27 and 28, there is an event called Relay for Life in Baytown sponsored by the American Cancer Society. The event is a fund raiser and consists of teams walking or running a track all night. There is special recognition laps for Survivors and remembrance of those lost to cancer.

Both of my daughters are participating in the relay and Verva and I will be there as well. If you’d like to contribute, their websites are:



For general information, the web site is


Alison Stangel Bulson said...

The Hammonds/Densmore pic you posted looks suspiciously/eerily like many Malakof Diggins (and other) camping trip pictures (minus the kids, of course). I've been thinking about those good times a lot lately (almost inspired enough to go camping and sleep on the GROUND).

new Auntie Ali!

bv said...

Groucho called and he wants his eye brows back...