Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back at MDA

Just to give everyone a quick update... Dad's back in the hospital today. He went in this morning for his 10th and final radiation treatment (yay!) and then had an appointment with the symptom management doctor. This department at MD Anderson specializes in treating the symptoms that go along with cancer, and can really help make patients feel better. One of Dad's main symptoms right now is gas and bloating in his stomach. This in turn puts pressure on his diaphragm and causes pretty severe shortness of breath when he first stands up. They're going to give him some treatments to reduce the bloating and therefore hopefully the pressure. He's a little grumpy about being in the hospital again, especially since he really feels about the same as he has for a week or so, but he's being a good sport.

Tomorrow Dad's brother John and his wife Barbara arrive for a couple of days, so that's something really good to look forward to.


(One day at a time. Piece of cake.)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Katy. It's good to know your dad is being well cared for. All of his California buddies wish him the best. He is always in our thoughts, and hearts.

Pete and

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Katy. Glad to hear it's the end of the radiation.

Tex Duncan

Anonymous said...


Well done with your blog! Good to hear of the completion of the radiation treatment and of Bob being a good sport Towards that last point, this is not a surprise: He has always been a kind, patient, "good sport." We are fortunate to know him.

Larry Emmer

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the update. I'm glad he's done with the radiation. Not surprised he's a little grumpy right now ... being home is much more fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katy -
Thanks for the update, and it's good to hear the radiation treatment is complete. I hope your aunt and uncle arrive safely.

Wayne Thompson said...

Bob, lately I've had a chance to talk to your Mom and Dad and Sister and Brother. I really love your family! You all take care, and Hi John, Barbara, Sarah (welcome home), Katy. Verva and Bob, we will speak soon!

Cousin W

Anonymous said...

Thank you Katy. Your dad didn't get grumpy very often but when he did it was with cause. But he was always at his very best at those times. He won every battle we fought together. This is just one more to add to his illustrious record. Hang in there.