Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday morning


Good morning. I just wanted to give you an update on Bob – he’s doing much better this morning than he was just 24-hours ago. As he said in his last blog, he had a doctor’s appointment on Monday. Blood work showed such low hemoglobin that he needed another transfusion. When he got to the transfusion unit he was running a high fever so they sent him to emergency where the doctor decided to admit him into the hospital for “observation”.

Now, on Wednesday morning, Bob has received 3-pints of blood, lots of IV antibiotic, and tests from top to toe. He will get his first radiation treatment today to shrink the tumor and to stop the tumor from bleeding – apparently the cause of the low hemoglobin. I don’t know if they’ll send him home today or tomorrow but it won’t be too soon for me. He’s still not eating easily and hospital food isn’t nearly as yummy as everyone tells you it is. Plus, he misses his new chair.

Sarah comes home tomorrow!! We can hardly wait to see her. Five weeks in England is a long business trip and we all want to give and get some big hugs and hear all about her adventures.

One day at a time. Piece of cake.


rindy said...

i am sorry about the hospital stay; but glad you are getting the kind of attention that can only come from being admitted. i know you will be up and going soon and enjoying the "real" food that you can only get from home...

and i am so jealous of your chair - i may have to come try it out - they have recommended one of those for me for a long time - but, no can, you'll have to share some time with me!

love you....rindy

Wayne Thompson said...

Hi Verva!
I am so sorry, you must feel miz missing your Bob. Say hi to Sarah and Katie for me, and to Bob, too.

Cousin Wayne

Dan Stangel said...

Verva, please give Bob a huge hug from all of us!

The Stangel Clan,
Seattle Office
(Dan, Dana, Carla and Alex on temporary assignment in Seattle this summer)

Anonymous said...

Verve and Bob,

Hang in there! I hope you are back at home and back to normal very soon!

Jen D.

Anonymous said...


Sorry I misspelled your name. I type too fast!!

Jen D.