Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hi everyone, Sarah here. Peter and I are just home from seeing Dad up at MDA.

His doctors are doing a lot there to try to help him feel better. He got a massage today, and they've been able to give him some medicine for the pains he's started having in his stomach. We're trying really hard to get him home, but it will be at least another few days.

Reading the post from Tuesday we've decided it was a little misleading. It's a fine line we walk with this blog - so many people check it for news, but it's hard to decide what bits to share, especially when it's not Dad writing. The truth is that the doctors don't think Dad will get strong enough to do another round of chemo. Since this type of cancer is so aggressive, that is really bad news.

We'll try to update here when we can. Please know that all your prayers and comments mean the world to us! It's wonderful to know Dad is so well-loved.

- Sarah

(I know Dad would still write - one day at a time, piece of cake...)


rindy said...

it is wonderful that patient care has evolved to the point where the patient's comfort and emotional well being is in partnership with treatments.

i know how much all of you want to get home and bob will be much better off in his own home where he can gain strength and peace from the memories that surround him and the love from all his friends and family....

we are all here for you...and send all our love, prayers and support to you.....

love, rindy

Terry said...

Sarah - thanks for updating us - I know it's hard. Please give your parents our love. Clif and Terry

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for keeping us all informed - your honesty is so courageous and caring of your family and friends. Know that Mike and I are thinking of you all and wishing you all the love and care you can stand. It is wonderful that everyone is working so hard to keep your Dad out of pain. We are all on his path at some point; some quicker than others. Cancer gives people time - I remember that with my own Dad and it was the gift amongst the struggle. Our thoughts are with all of you. Leslye & Mike Mize

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah -
Thanks for taking the time to write the update.You all have our love and support.

Pippa and Matt

Anonymous said...

Send both of your parents my best wishes! Can we visit in the hospital or is that not allowed? Is there somewhere we can send flowers or get well cards? I would love to offer my support in any way - big or small.

Jen Dees

Crystal Laman said...

Thanks for the upate Sarah. We will continue to be in prayer for your father and your family.

Lord, we come to you in the name of Jesus. We lift
Bob up to you, and if it is your will, we call healing forth in Jesus' name. We speak life into his body, and we ask that you help his family keep their minds focused so that they may experience your perfect peace. We ask for strength for Bob and his family in Your name. Please give the doctors and nurses wisdom as they try to manage Bob's discomfort. Send messengers across their path to minister to them. We thank you for all that you do and we know that we can come bodly before your throne and make our requests. In Jesus' name we pray ~ Amen.

If you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to call me at 832.722.0006.


Anonymous said...

Hope is that little bird that perches deep inside the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all.

Emily Dickinson

Am sending love and prayers from Tucson, Simone

teamgarcia said...


Appreciate the update. Please continue to let Bob know he is in our thoughts and prayers. The kids enjoyed our visit and still remember that afternoon. Tell him we love him.

S Ross said...

Thanks for the update Sarah, we continue to pray for your Dad and family. Stay strong and pass our love on to your dad! Love, Brad Suzanne and Alex

Kathy and Todd said...

Sarah, many thanks for your recent blog update. Doug and Chris Hammen have kindly called us a couple of times this week and provided the latest updates on your Dad's condition. Please know that Kathy and I continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.

I leave for Azerbaijan on Monday, and Kathy will keep me updated while I am away the month of July. Our ability to travel has been somewhat hampered these past few months, and we wish we could be there in Houston with you all. I will always remember the night Bob spent with me at St. Luke's when Kathy had her aneurysm. You were all so supportive for me at that time, and I only wish I could return the favor now.

Please know that while Kathy and I cannot be there physically, we remain with you all in spirit and in prayer.

All our love, Kathy and Todd

Anonymous said...

Bob is indeed well-loved. You are all in our thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Bob and Verva - You are in my daily thoughts and prayers. You and your family are such an inspiration in the fight for health.

Bob - know you are well-loved by friends and family.

Jane (Ebone)

Anonymous said...

Sarah -
Appreciate the update, however difficult it is to inform everyone of what is going on. Haven't been on the blog lately with Patrick's wedding coming up next Saturday. All of you are in our hearts and prayers. We know how much you want to get your Dad home and how much he wants to be with his family. Our prayers for strength, healing and comfort are with all of you. Please give your Mom & Dad special hugs from Seattle. You're never out of our thoughts.
Much love, Suzie & Michael

Anonymous said...

Verva, Sarah, Katy, god bless you all. Bob, we love you.

Anonymous said...

Sarah - Our lives are full of blessings and challenges. Prayers to you and your family.
Tony L.