Sunday, June 10, 2007

Looking forward to Monday

I was hoping the endoscopy on Friday would give me some relief so I could swallow more easily and eat some real food rather than liquids. That didn’t happen. We see the doctor tomorrow (Monday) and I hope he’ll have some ideas about how to proceed. Right now we’re waiting again.

Our day on Monday will begin with blood work and then a doctor’s appointment. We’re getting smart now and taking along everything we need to stay at Katy’s house in case we end up at MDA far into the night as has happened before. Probably just taking everything will mean we’ll finish early enough to head home to our house.

Katy, Scott, and Pippa came here for brunch today. Monday is Katy’s birthday – Happy Birthday Katy.

Best purchase of the week – a zero gravity chair. It’s a very nice chair that saves my back and makes it comfortable to sit and watch TV. I think it’s called a zero gravity chair because it makes me feel like I’m floating.

One day at a time. Piece of cake.


Crystal said...

Hey there, Bob. I've been thinking a lot about you guys lately . . . thanks for the update =0) What a blessing you and Verva are to our family . . . can't wait to get together. We will be praying for wisdom for your doctors and for healing for you. Love you lots . . . please let us know if we can do anything. My work schedule is finally slowing down so I have quite a bit more free time thank goodness!

Leslye & Mike said...

Hi Bob and Verva,
well we are back from a lovely adventure out west and just read your update. The chair looks like a dandy idea! I have wanted one of those for a long time myself. I am sure hoping for some good news about your health and doing lots of meditation - visualizing lots of healing your way. Both Mike and I are thinking of you and wishing you the best. Hugs, Leslye and Mike

rindy said...

gee when my kids used the term "zero gravity" with me it meant that i was "clueless; ditzy" i'm sure that couldn't apply to YOU!!!!!

i wish i could give you some of the weight i'm packing - but i'm willing you all the strength, prayers and love i have in my heart and soul!

love to you all!