Wednesday, June 20, 2007

California Visitors

It has been a wonderful couple of days and we feel surrounded by love. Barbara and Mark’s visit was just what the doctor ordered to lift our spirits. Bob isn’t feeling very well physically and tires easily but he sure did enjoy seeing them. They are the kind of guests that just come in, mow the lawn, come to the doctor with us, fix wonderful salmon dinners, give many hugs, and just make the house feel under control somehow. In other words, they are perfect guests that helped me more than I can say. They headed home today.

The kids were also here a few times in the past couple of days to give their support and love. Mike Esparza was in town from Virginia and came by, too – a life-long good friend we were delighted to see. Busy couple of days but we have an empty nest day today so Bob will probably rest until it’s time to watch the Rice baseball game from Omaha.

Bob enjoys sitting at the kitchen table watching our bird feeder. The table looks out onto our auto court and our sweet little neighbor children McKenna and Tayden added the perfect decoration to the court so now Bob can enjoy their message while enjoying the birds.

Bob’s radiation is more than half over (6-of 10 treatments done) and we are just hoping the positive effects of these treatments will be felt soon. The doctor told us that most people begin to feel some relief between 6-8 treatments which would mean today, tomorrow or Friday. He’s not feeling very well right now. He’s very weak and has a hard time swallowing, but is a real trooper in every way.

He wants me to add: One day at a time. Piece of cake.


rindy said...

wow, maybe barbara and mark can come visit me next! cook, do the lawn, hug - what a deal. just the heat is enough to weaken the strongest - stepping outside sucks the energy out those without issues.

i am so glad you have your home to enjoy - i loved hearing about all the stages while it was being built.

sorry about rice today - but i am sure they will rebound - i'm watching the beavers and anteaters now - you don't want to know what the conversation is as to what the team would be called should they combine......boys will be boys, i guess....

a bird feeder in my yard is more like a buffet for all the cats, so that is something that i do wish i could do - so, i have a bird feeder way up high and hope for the best and barely manage to keep it full. there is a lady on my meals on wheels route that gets the greatest pleasure watching her bird feeder - so sometimes i sit with her and watch them with her while she eats.

i hope the treatment brings relief to you soon as it has been too long since we've had lunch! bet watching katy get bigger is another thing that brings you joy - and just think - it won't be too long until your grandbaby will be writing notes to you on the concrete and wearing john deere caps and asking you for a ride on your deere - that is if you can find the keys!

love you all! verva - great job - you and bob are the strongest of them all!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bob -

It's been a while since I have visited your site. Good luck with your treatments and keep up the positive attitude. Keep those birds fed too. They are fun to watch and the word seems to get out once your start feeding them.
-Tom Reinert

Sarah said...

Bob -

We sure think about you all the time here in the Baytown office. We miss seeing your smiling face around, and can't wait till our next visit.

Our best thoughts and wishes for you all,

Sarah Wetzel (Farley!)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the Owls. They really didn't put on much of a show the last two games. Oh well, there's always football season (who would have thought we could say that?)

Tex Duncan

Dan Stangel said...

Bob & Verva,

We're sorry to hear that things are tough right now, but we're thinking of you constantly. Thanks for keeping us updated via this tremendous blog, and sharing so much with us through this difficult time. Bob you *are* a trooper!

Alex says "blah!" (and not much else yet), and he can't wait to meet his new friend, baby W. Katy and Scott will make awesome parents.

The Seattle crew (Dan, Dana, Carla and Alex Stangel)