Wednesday, May 16, 2007

8th Session of Chemo

I’m recovering from my 8th session of chemo. It was nice to have an early appointment Monday and to be home by early afternoon instead of late at night. Today is my day of fatigue. Wednesday is not the high point of my week but my stomach is feeling good so I’ll take that. Peter came for dinner last night. We hope to see him often while Sarah is in England. I walked for 15-minutes as assigned and did okay.

Sunday was good. We went to a play at the Alley (The Clean House) and then to dinner with Katy and Scott at their house. Katy is starting to look pregnant and is very beautiful. Celebrated Mother’s Day and spent the night.

Also on Sunday, before the play, I received a 1999 Honda Shadow that belonged to my brother who wanted to get it out of his garage. Thank you John!! Now it’s in my garage and it’s beautiful as you can see by the picture. My intention is to ride it on short trips like to church when I go there for my building project. The rest of the time I’m going to sit around on my little stool and polish it.

One day at a time. Piece of cake.


Anonymous said...

Nice ride, Bob . . . now you can officially beat me in a race =0)

~Crystal Laman

Anonymous said...

Cool bike, cool dude. The photo made me smile. Keep on trucking and leave that black bear behind in the dust! - Jane R.

Sarah said...

Gorgeous bike, Dad! Thanks for feeding Peter.

Dan Stangel said...

That's a nice looking bike Bob! Some of my most memorable bike moments were spent sitting on a little stool in the garage futzing with some little part or cleaning road grease :)