Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Chemo #7

I just wanted to make one more comment about the Relay for Life last week. I’m so proud for Sarah for walking/running the entire 26+ miles. My heart’s filled – thank you, Sarah.

After another round of blood work and a visit with the doc, I was released for my 7th chemo session. Got home about 830 pm. Stayed tuned, we’re back on track.

Day by day, piece of cake.


Mike Nepi said...

Dear Bob,
My wife and I appreciate reading your frequent blogs and in staying current with all your activities. Keep your stick on the ice, and get back to good health soon. We'll be celebrating 42 years of marriage on 22 May, and your advice on having a good marriage is right on point. Warmest regards of the day.
Mike Nepi

rindy said...

i continue to check up on you - i bug the girls! glad you are back on track....

not that it matters to you; but it does to me... i was upset that i couldn't find the luminary that bj and i had in your honor....while walking around early saturday morning - i found it under the "b"'s for bob....go figure - that is how i do my address book - by first name! so, i guess in that one place, i found someone who thinks like me! but i didn't want you to think i didn't think of you! with my multiple last names, i have them all over the place...you know what they say about a moving target!

i'm off work for a few days; catching up on my med stuff....enough about that...

oh chris erickson and i thought it was funny that in a picture i took of you, katy and sarah - that katy was trying to hide that she was eating...good grief; she is pregnant and is still thin as a rail - she can use a little food - but sarah was carbing out on the pizza! good girl, sarah!!!

take care and thanks for letting us be a part of your life....i'm stronger for having you and your family in mine! love, rindy