Saturday, May 12, 2007


Yesterday we went up to see the physical therapist at MDA. We met with a very nice physical therapist and she ran me through a pretty trough evaluation. The results were better than we anticipated. There is still hope for me and she gave me some stretches and assigned a 15 minute walk per day. I have another appointment with her a week from Monday.

In line with this, we went on a 15min walk today to the pool and soaked our feet. Pretty hot out and none too pleasant but the pool felt real good. I’ll have to say though, the 15-minute walk sounded a lot easier than it was.

Last night we went out to dinner with Sarah and Peter and Peter’s dad, Jim. Sarah left for England around noon for a month – needless to say we are all going to miss her –especially Peter.

We’re going to the theater on Sunday afternoon and then we’ll spend the night at Katy and Scott’s due the 0630 appointment timing.

The 8th session of Chemo is on Monday in the morning

One day at a time. Piece of cake.

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rindy said...

no comments yet? how can that be....where is the question all the world wants to know...

what lurks above that camera angle? speedo? birdwell beach britches? perhaps it was a skinny dip?

bob, you are such a tease!!!!

after i finish with blood drives, i'll have to call peter and see about going out to lunch!

had a cdcc turaround blood drive friday - 1am - 6am and 1pm and 6pm....and then regular blood drives on the refinery side start up monday....

piece of cake.....but not the same without seeing you....take you all...