Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Nice Day

I apologize if I sounded down in the dumps last time – didn’t mean to. Today we had to pick up some medical supplies at MDA so we decided we’d to for a walk the gardens at Bayou Bend. Bayou Bend is a very large estate in a very exclusive part of Houston called River Oaks. Turns out it’s only about a mile from Katy and Scott. The weather was perfect and they’ve added a recorded tour since the last time we were there. We walked the perimeter and listened to all the numbered stops. Towards the end I was enjoying more breaks and glad for all the benches.

This is all part of increasing my physical exercise by daily walks, etc. We have an appointment on Friday with a physical therapist for an evaluation. Came home and received a new set of patio furniture that’s much more comfortable for me to sit it. Gave the old set to Sarah and Peter.

We had some help in reworking the three big beds in our back yard – they looked pretty bad. I sat on the patio and watched them work – I like watching other people work.

Day by day - piece of cake


bv said...

down in the dumps...a trip i have taken many times. good days, bad days...just like real life. you and verva are doing this so well you should be proud of yourself!

Wayne Thompson said...

Hey Bob! Hey Verva!
My shifts have changed; tonight I go to work at Midnight. I'm about to practice a bit.. the Tehachapi Orchestra is playing Tchaikovsky and Beethoven on Mother's day... then I'm off to work. Last night I watched the thunderstorms roar around Sweetwater on our lightning monitoring program. Thought of you all. Take care, keep healing, enjoy those hamburger flavored milkshakes! (It boggles me to think of you struggling to enjoy food; I truly pray you can get as much comfort as possible!)

Much love,

PS I enjoy seeing your daughters lives unfold. Katy, a thousand congratulations! Sarah, I skimmed your crafty little blog-- cool! In London, have you seen Turner's 'Fighting Temeraire' in the British museum? My favorite..

Wayne Thompson said...

that's the National Gallery in Trafalgar square...

Steve Murray said...

Hey Bob,

Those pictures are from your back yard, right?

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob and Verva,

Glad to hear that you had a pleasant day at Bayou Bend. And thank you for the post.

Have a nice day,
Mike and Van

rindy said...

bb is one of my favorite walks - i also like the japanese gardens in hermann park - there is a ginger in that garden that is so fragrant - finally found one - by accident and it is now planted in my "jungle" bed - which has a huge pine tree (we have about 30 on our property)in the middle surrounded by varigated gingers that need trimming, badly, two varieties of caladiums, red buds, two yesterday today and tomorrows, some fern, a couple of strange varieties of hydrangias, some fern and whatever else i can put in there to hopefully hide all the weeds!

and no apologies for sounding down - sound however the hell you want to as long as you are "sounding"! you've earned it and i know you CAN (as much as you would rather do than watch) watch people work as long as they are following the project at hand and you are close enough to get your hands dirty! you've more than earned your spot in the shade on your new patio furniture!

bet the showers sure have made everything really green...take care! love you all and still loving reading the great cookbook from california!