Friday, May 25, 2007

Not what we wanted to hear

We went to MDA yesterday full of optimism that the CT scan would show improvement but that’s not the word we got. There was no improvement. In fact in some cases it was worse. Dr Ajani believes that if a regimen isn’t working you change it right away so that’s what we’ll do.

We see him again next week and will probably begin a new set of medications – Avastin, Vectibix, and Erbitux. As Dr Ajani says, these are drugs the cancer hasn’t seen and hopefully they will deliver a punch that the previous ones couldn’t.

We stayed down there for over 13 hours to get two pints of blood. I’m walking a bit easier this morning but can’t tell much difference otherwise. Katy says it’s ironic after all of the blood I’ve donated that I’m now getting some of it back.

One day at a time - piece of cake.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that the news was not what you wanted to hear, but I am so glad that you have an aggressive doctor =0) You're in our prayers!

Amy (Burgy) Claxton said...

Dear Bob,

Hi from Hershey PA. Heard about your situation and blog from Bobby McGehee. I can only imagine the things you never wanted to know about (infusion rooms, counts, tumor staging, adiocarcinoma, yada yada). David (my husband) did his oncology training at MDA & remembers Dr. Ajani very well. You are most certainly in good hands.

I know you must be looking forward to your first grandchild in October. Hang in, and please know that strong thoughts and prayers are coming your way that the change in regimen will have a positive outcome. Love your tag line. Keep it up, Bob, one day at a time. -- Best, Amy Claxton

rindy said...

bob, we have sent replacement credits to mdanderson in your name. bal sandhu is another person who is in need of blood.

over the years, so many patients have been helped by your blood donations - it is time for you to let others give to you.

i, like you, had given blood and platelets for years....but to receive it was such a profound feeling knowing that someone that didn't even know me had given this precious gift to me. if there wre some way to give that feeling to those who donate blood, there would never be a blood shortage.

just remember, we love you and are here to support and stay strong for you.....

love you so much....

gaye said...

Hello dear Bob,
It so sucks that the tumor did not respond to that first round of chemo. But it does sound like Dr. Adjani has some options to offer. While he is looking after getting rid of the tumor, your job is just to enjoy each moment to the fullest. My heart is with you. I dearly love you both.

PS - if you need another furry being to love on, Kali would graciously oblige :-)

Anonymous said...

That Avastin is amazing stuff. They're using it to treat just about everything these days.

All my best,


Wayne Thompson said...

Hi Cuz.
Thinking of you. I've given blood about a million times in years past. Yes there is a reason for it; we take care of each other. Love you and Verva.


Jane R said...

Dear Bob,
I am optimistic that the new regiman will cause the tumor to disappear...your optimism is rubbing off on me and from the look of it, you are going to need more bleachers for the cheering crowd behind you.

IM'd Katy today and read that a she will see a new sonagram soon of the baby. I tried to analyze the last one, since I work with engineers, but it sure was hard to tell if it had a good pitching arm. I look forward to your analysis.