Saturday, January 20, 2007

Busy Day

On Friday we received the results of our PET scan and they confirmed what we already knew. The cancer is in the esophagus, lymph nodes, the junction between my stomach and my esophagus and some on my liver. The good news is that there is no cancer in my bones, brain, lungs or blood.

We received that uplifting news after spending the day chasing biopsy slides, cat scan film and other items requested by MDA. They want the stuff brought in our hot little hands on Monday. We also stopped at the Porsche dealer – that Cayman is really sweet. We got to see Houston traffic at its worse – probably spent 2 hours extra trying to get from one place to the other. That’s why I’m buying a paddle shift automatic.

I plan a quiet day today and church and football on Sunday. I don’t think either of the teams I like will make it though Sunday (Saints, Colts) but one can hope.

Monday we visit MDAnderson at 11:00 and have several appointments and more lab work on Tuesday. Our hope is that by the end of next week, we'll know our treatment plans and begin to settle back down into some kind of a routine.

Have I said lately what a great support my sweetheart, Verva, is? Sainthood might be appropriate.


SAM E said...


Just to let you know my girls and I are with you and thinking of you all the way on this one. Keep smiling!!

Also, glad to learn that you are veering away from the 'vette, and looking European. My Audi A3 with DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox - two clutches - Google it)including paddle shifters is soooo kewl! It has a magnificent finish and takes off like a rocket.

S A M Endacott

Ed McGuire said...


What do you mean you are worried about those two football teams? Of course the Colts and Saints will win tomorrow.

By the way, Jane and I will be in the Clear Lake area January 28 through March 3 (vacation). Are you and Verva interested in dinner somewhere? The Mexican place in Bacliff is always fun.

I still like our Volvo ... of course, I love our service guy (son-in-law).

Ed McGuire

Dick McPeak said...

Hey Bob:
Whats with the
Vete or Porshe, I say get a 53 Chev with chrome rims.

rindy said...

wish i had been with you at the porsche place! i love the cayenne (name and vehicle) i've tried to get xom to buy me one as some kind of compensation - but no go! i know it is a granny car compared to your fast life and tastes - but, it is such a cool name...and why put a name that "hot" on an suv?

guess i'll stick with my 89 burb which is closing in on 400,000 miles! the stories it can tell!

i know what an action guy you are and once a plan of attack on your "project" is ready - you and all your supporters will be ready to GO!

know that anything you need, anytime, i am there! love you all, rindy

cg39 said...

Hi Bob -

So glad you were able to get into MD Anderson. I've heard they are the best. I have a friend whose Dad underwent treatment there recently. He is now in full remission and enjoying a quality of life that he did not know was possible.

I'm glad you are exploring other car choices - I vote for the Porche over the vette. Don't rule out the BMW 650i convertible - it is sweeeeeeeeeet!

Good luck this week - we are sending you good thoughts every day.

Take Care,

Maryo Hammonds said...

Hi Bob,
I talked to my friend, Nancy Timothy about you. Her husband was with Dr. Ajani also. She had wonderful things to say about him and their program so I told her to email you and let you know. According to Nancy, MDA is the best. Nancy is a friend that we've known for years from Kingwood.
Are you interested in an old Autin Healey? We're getting ready to sell ours.
Good luck this week. We keep you and Verva in our thoughts and prayers.

MargW said...

Hi Bob. It's Marg Francis McPeak Weir. Amazing who you hear from sometimes. I spoke with Dick the other day and he filled me in. I've thought about you and Verva many times but life becomes so hectic that we lose touch with so many good friends.

It doesn't sound as though you've slowed down a bit. A new car sounds like fun. I'm kind of a Mercedez person myself. I don't have one but I can see myself in one - or two. A vette sounds too rough riding.

Well, I just wanted to say hi and let you know you were being thought of. It sounds as though you have a wonderful group of friends and a good support group. That's half the battle right there. Take care and hope you don't mind me saying hi once in awhile. Please say hi to Verva for me too.


Scottamus said...

Jump in that Porsche or 'vette and make that C eat your dust!

Scott Stygar.

Anonymous said...

'onward through the fog' as some wise person said
I know MDA will be a fog at first but hopefully through it all a rainbow is on the other side. Rainbows come in many forms and may be hard to recognize at first. I am thinking of you both and wishing you all the white light you both can stand. HUGS to you both! leslye