Sunday, January 28, 2007

Post Chemo

Friday was somewhat interesting. We got down to MDA our noon appointment for a long line catheter but didn’t get it in until about 2:30. Afterwards we went across the street and grabbed a bit of lunch (mostly Verva) but I did drink quite a bit of ice water because I was told that later that wouldn't work for me (4-5 days of cold sensitivity).

When we went up to the Infusion Center our neighbors Jeff and Lorraine were there to see us off – how very kind of them. The chemo was pretty uneventful – it took about four hours and the kids came down and took Verva out to dinner. I slept or zoned out – not sure which. It was pretty late when we finished and we had to come back the next morning for hydration so we stayed downtown and Katy and Scott’s. We hadn’t expected that so had no clothes or tooth brushes and Sarah kindly dropped everything and drove up to bring supplies. Scott says we need to pretend Verva’s pregnant and just keep a small bag in the car for such occasions. Hmmmmm. Slept great, dreamed all the symptoms went away and actually seemed to fell better in the morning.

Now I’m a bit whipped (fatigue is to be expected I guess) and a little nauseated but these things should go away soon. Not soon enough as far as I’m concerned! The kids will be by again today and hopefully we’ll laugh enough to make everything much better. We have to return to MDA at 10PM (yikes) tonight to get the 48-hour pump taken off. After this time Verva can do it for me but the timing is a bit inconvenient.

We’re glad to get to this step and to be heading down the road to WELLNESS. (We believe in miracles!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I hope the nausea goes away soon. I LOVE the picture of you and Verva . . . y'all make such a beautiful couple. You are so blessed to have such amazing daughters. What great parents y'all must be!!

For the record, I am so right there with you on the whole miracle issue.

Jane Rottier said...

Thanks for the update. I was hoping to read how things went, and I agree that you have amazing daughters and sons-in-law, not to mention your wife Verva. It looks like the chemo treatment has gone well - yay!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and the pics. Haven't talked to you guys since all this began but I want you to know that Kimberly & I are praying for you and we look forward to seeing and talking with you all soon. Love you all Nathan & Kimberly

Anonymous said...

Bob...glad the first treatment is behind you and I'm also on the 'Miracle' bandwagon. Looking forward to the improvements after some surely rough times. Also want to hear about this Porsche or Corvette commuting car!!

Expect to come by once my cold is gone. Take care, Bruce B.

Anonymous said...

One down! Keep it up!
Thanks for the postings.
Will be talking with you soon.
Keeping you in our thoughts.
Ernie & Tanvir

Anonymous said...

I had a good laugh with the Verva pregnant
comment! We need the laughs during this,
right? Thanks for all the updates and pictures.
We're with you all the way.
Hugs and kisses to my favorite cousin!