Monday, January 15, 2007

The Hits Just Keep On Coming

Well, this afternoon was the key meeting with the oncologist. We met with Dr. Patel at Kelsey Seybold at 3:20 pm. No good news. The cancer is Stage 4 esophagus cancer. This means it has spread to the top of my stomach and into my liver. Because the cancer is not localized, it cannot be treated by radiation or surgery. Chemotherapy is the only applicable procedure because it treats the whole body.

Barring any new news, we plan on starting chemo at Kelsey Seybold on Friday. We feel that Kelsey has gone out of their way to expedite testing, appointments and paperwork. We feel confident of the doctors and the facilities. We’re relatively sure that the treatment will be the same at any facility including M. D. Anderson.

The chemo schedule will be one treatment every three weeks for 6 months with cat scans to monitor progress every 2 months. At the end of 6 months progress will be evaluated and the next step determined. The doctor was pretty clear that we should not expect a cure but hopefully the chemo will slow down or halt the progress.

It’s a crapshoot but because of my health, my age, my attitude, and your support, we plan on beating the odds.

Place your bets….



gaye said...

I've placed my bets :-)
They're definitely with you Bob!
With all of our energies focused on you, we'll do it!
Love yah both!

Dan & Dana Stangel said...

Bob, Verva, Katy, Sarah,

We were heartbroken to hear this news, but we know you've got "the right stuff" to beat this. We are with you all the way! If a couple of kids in Colorado can help in any way just let us know.

Dan & Dana Stangel
dgstangel at

Sarah said...

Bob: I do so much admire your spirit and attitude. It's great that you have such faith in your medical providers and that you have so many people who support and love you. Whatta guy!!!
This blog site is great and a perfect idea for someone who has so many friends as you do. I'll be watching it continuously. Love to you and your girls. Sarah

Anonymous said...

I'll place my bet on you ... I'm glad you've got both daughters here in town right now. If there is anything you need, please call ... I'm not far away!

Renee D.

Anonymous said...

I'm not usually the betting type, but my bet is definitely on you, Bob. You have so much going for you, including a great, can-do attitude, as well as the love and support of your wonderful wife, your many friends, and family. We're all in this together, and together we can do it, Bob!

Sending you & Verva Healing Energy & Love,

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bob! I wanted to say that I just love your blog! Your attitude is amazing and I'm betting it all on you . . . Mark and I just love you and Verva and we are so happy to have you as one of our neighbors!


Anonymous said...

I'll take 10 on Bob please! :o)
My father is on his 4th battle with cancer - in MY experience, it has ALOT to do with your attitude, faith and will. Mr. Bob you seem to have it all! We've never met, a friend sent me your link and I plan to pop in from time to time & check in on ya. Keep your faith strong and your spirits high. You and your family will be in my prayers.
~A believer in you~

Rob said...

I appreciate your candor and your courage. I appreciate your talking to me yeaterday -- and I will be thinking and praying for your treatment to go well.