Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Note From Verva

So many people ask “what can I do to help” and I just wanted to say that you are doing it. The friendship, prayers, love, blog comments, phone calls, letters – every outreach and positive thought help tremendously. Thank you.

As everyone who knows us knows, I am crazy over the top in love with this big guy so you can imagine it has been a really bad couple of weeks. Bob says what’s going on has even affected my cribbage game – he’s managed to skunk me twice lately and that isn’t usual. I’m usually a lot tougher on him when we play so maybe I’m subconsciously taking it easy on him. I keep saying that he shouldn’t get used to it.

MDAnderson yesterday was everything we’d been told it would be. We were greeted at the door with offers of help immediately and when I stopped in the ladies Bob was approached three times by people asking if he needed anything. (He must have been looking lost.) Everywhere we went people were focused on us, as they were on each person who came in front of them. There’s such a sense of being truly “seen” there.

The doctor didn’t offer any miracle cure (man!!!! I wanted that!!). But he made us both feel we have options and that there is hope for lots of good quality time ahead of us. We don’t have a specific treatment schedule yet because they are going through all of the tests with their own people now and will decide on the best approach for Bob – for him specifically not him as a person in a category. There’s such depth of knowledge at MDA. It is very comforting to be there and to know we’re getting the best advice in the world.

Chemo will start possibly as early as this Thursday or Friday.


Tim Pierce said...

Hello Bob and Verva,

Just wanted to let you know that Molly and I have you in our thoughts and prayers in this difficult time. Your spirit and attitude has always been uplifting to me, and this whole situation with your blog comments only reaffirms what a special guy you are.

I read with much interest your current Construction Manager job at the church. As your compadre on our last major project at Baytown, I can personally attest to other readers that the church expansion project will be flawless (had to use that buzzword!). Don't expect any gold-plating, but Bob the Builder always makes the right decision.

Glad to hear you are getting the best care available at MDA.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Bob and Verva:

MDA is a blessing, which I can attest to from on-going personal experience. I can't express how relieved I am that you decided to go there for a second opinion.

Although we can't live our lives reasonably by counting on miracles, they DO happen. Some are shepherded by doctors and some aren't! We're all individuals in the statistics, with all the variables that can make miracles. If love can make it so, the two of you, with the support of your friends, faith, and families, will make it so!

Love and support always from one of your many cheerleaders! ---Paula

Anonymous said...

Hello Verva, It was apparent before you wrote what a cornerstone you are to Bob, and how much you mean to each other. As an old friend of Bob's, I know what a quality person he is. You two have what it takes to persevere to achieve that quality time. Keep your faith and don't hesitate to lean on friends for strength and encouragement. You have my prayers and constant hope for a miracle. Sharon L.

rindy said...

i, too, am so glad you have found the "power" that is mdacc. from the moment you enter the door, you are surrounded by the expertise and strength that comes from their focus on cancer. much like you and your other projects, having the best working towards the same goal is the best way.

having been on both sides of cancer - as a patient and the loved one supporting someone with cancer i can attest that both are equally challenging and relationship strengthening. we share things along the journey that we might typically postpone and that can be magical and life changing.

blood drives are going well....in spite of the weather! when that grass gets dry enough to cut - i want a try at your deer and i promise not to lose the keys! though i bet you have spares! but keep your special key chain close just incase!

love you all, rindy

Anonymous said...

Hi Verva,

Pete and I read Bob's blog everyday. He has such a remarkable attitude and has kept his sense of humor. Not many in his position would want to reach out and offer us insite into his dilema. And, every time he mentions you, it brings tears to my eyes. It's so obvious how much you mean to him and the strength you have given him. You two are a fabulous couple and I hope I get to know you better as time goes by.

Just thought I would mention that I informed my cousin, who is a priest, to add Bob to his prayer list. I figured his connections were probably better than mine. He saw the blog and admired the person behind it. Lots of prayers and positive energy certainly will make a difference.

Our thoughts are with you always. Give Bob a hug for me.

Gloria Molin

Anonymous said...

so glad you all are at MDA - that is great news and it is wonderful that you all are people to them, not a disease or organs. Great news on that front! Know that anytime we can be there for you, we will be. Mike and I are thinking of you daily with thoughts and prayers. How much you all know the importance of everyday - what wisdom! You have brought that wisdom home again to us as well.
Hugs to you both - leslye & mike

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're going there ... my expert from El Paso thinks the world of them! She said the experience at MDA was totally awesome compared to other places and a lot of it is the people and their systems. You're in the best hands possible.

Renee D.