Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Woo Wii !

I was feeling good enough last night to go bowling at my daughter Sarah’s house. Yep, we went upstairs and bowled a couple games on their new Nintendo Wii. Very cool. I bowled a 162 and didn’t even have to wear bowling shoes or breathe second hand smoke. The physics that’s in the programming that makes the pins fly when the ball hits them makes the game spectacular. Standing there and throwing a ball with a controller takes a little getting used to but comes pretty naturally. Katy played tennis and it was like she was getting a workout (and getting beat by some little guys with no arms between their hands and their shoulders). Peter makes tennis look easy.

We finished the last pre-chemo test today – a cat scan at MDA for their baseline. It took about three hours mostly sitting around. We’re getting better organized – backpack with water and juice, books and Sudoku puzzles (I screwed my up – the upcoming enema must have been too distracting).

Your comments on the blog are very comforting and the response from our community of friends is overwhelming. Doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon and chemo will start soon after.

Stay tuned….


Anonymous said...

I bowled I a 165!


bv said...

are the girls picking on you, bob? you need me to come help show them how it's done?

Anonymous said...

Physics rocks.
There must be thousands of physics grads who would pay Nintendo to work on their computer games (um, but not me... although I am ALMOST paying to work at my job)

Alison Bulson

Janine Clements said...

Glad you are getting's a pretty steep learning curve when you just get started on this journey. Take it from one who has been walking this path for amost 3 years now. But rest assured you will settle into a routine soon enough.

My son's begging for a'll have to wait for a while. Enjoy the time with your's priceless.

rindy said...

bob the builder, bob the botanist and now bob the bowler? wear me out! way to go katy!!!

it won't be the same tomorrow at the central shop blood drive without you there - but we will get together are doing something much more important and even in your are touching the lives of many who have heard of your illness are now coming to donate blood because it might one day help you. so, because so many love, respect and are searching for a way to do something in your name - patients are being given hope in your name....what a tribute!

take care....i'm cooking gumbo for tomorrow! you, verva and the girls are in all our thoughts and prayers!!!

love, rindy

Sarah said...

He beat me by one pin!

You can come bowling at our house anytime. :)

Anonymous said...

Mike Ponder camped out at Best Buy before Christmas for a couple of days to get the Playstaion 4. (He said it was for his kid lol).

Those things have come a long way since the days of plain old pong with the two white paddles and bouncing light blip on the black and white screens.

Bryant & Carol said...

If your bowling was as precise as your engineering drawings were you'd be a "300" club member.

Our son-in-law, Pam's husband, is in the process of beating the big C and we are confident you will too. Our thoughts, our prayers and our love are wtih you and Verva.

John said...

Wii - how great. My daughter got one for me at Christmas (inside track at Target) and I am back to enjoying the gaming scene after 25 years! Son Peter is very jealous because wife Zia said "none of that in this house".
John Lee