Sunday, January 21, 2007

Our Church

About 3 years ago Verva and I joined the Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Church. We were looking for a community to join in retirement and a place that shared our world views. We found it at BAUUC. Today I went to church for the first time since we found out I had cancer. We were somewhat hesitant because we hadn’t gone anywhere were everybody knew about our challenge. Well, we should not have worried – this is our church home and the people there are our extended family. We felt loved and surrounded with support.

I am the Chairman of the Building Committee and we’re getting ready to start detailed design on a 6000 square ft. addition to the church. Construction should start this summer and be complete next spring. The addition consists of classrooms and a new multiuse room as well as some additional administration space. After the dust settles and our wallets recover, we want to build a new sanctuary. I plan to lead us through both phases.

Someone forwarded these words and we like them:

“One day at a time – piece of cake”.


rindy said...

at our last lunch - you were telling me abou this - you are a builder. bob the builder - building units in plants, relationships, bridges between people and now building a lasting place where people will find friendship, comfort, strength, someone to listen and hopefully answers or the ability to live without answers. you are a wonder and i am always so much stronger knowing you are there....

blood drives continue this week (after the delay due to the weather) many have been touched by your willingness to give whole blood and platelets to those who need them. i'll send a t-shirt via sarah! good advertisement! when things settle down - you will have to come and help me out at the mob blood drive!

bj was watching the barrett jackson auction - so many cars fit you! what's the lastest on that?

take care...we love you all...

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob and Verva,
I am a friend of the Hammonds, Sam and Maryo. I also live in Houston, and my husband Roan had stomach cancer as well. We started with a local oncologist, and then moved to MDAnderson, and Dr. Ajani. The MDAnderson experience is the best. Dr. Ajani and his staff (Eric Tetslaff PA in particular) were wonderful. If you have any questions, please contact me at I would love to speak with you. Much love, and great success, Nancy Timothy.

Suzie said...

Bob - There's no doubt in my mind that you'll be there for both building phases and be leading it in style. I like "Bob the Builder". You and Verva make an incredible team and Michael and I are sending good thoughts and prayers from Seattle.

In terms of the bets, in the words of Patrick (Sarah's pre-school buddy from way too long ago) and his love of Texas Hold'em - "I'm all in" with my bet on you.

You have so many people pouring out love and prayers for you. I'll bet you have most religions covered. Put us down on the Catholic team. Keep visualizing the good guys winning. We are!

I think a fun car would be a great diversion. Why not rent some of these cool wheels and see which one you like best?!

We're thinking of you today as you go in to meet with this highly acclaimed doctor. Good luck!!

Big hugs and love,xo Suzie & Michael

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that the Church is serving its function well.

How about them Colts, at least. I hope that you were able to get some relaxation for one afternoon. That's more important than most people realize.

Anonymous said...

I believe there are still a couple of hundred "For More Information on this xxxxxxx Call Bob Densmore" floating around the Baytown Refinery if you need them for your church project.

Suzanne Ross said...

We are thinking of you often and are keeping you in our prayers.
Much love,
Brad, Suzanne and Alex Ross :)