Sunday, April 29, 2007

Week Off?

Sorry to have taken so long to sit down and write this but it’s been an interesting week. As I mentioned last time they decided to give a week deferral to allow me to make a better recovery before the next session.

Well, that sounded pretty good to us. We assumed I’d just continue to feel better the third week like I did in the second week. Didn’t quite work out. I seemed to feel worse and have more trouble eating (translate as losing more weight) and I started running a fever. In spite of this, we got over to High Island with the spotting scope and it worked. Love bugs cover my truck but I’ll get them cleaned next week.

On Friday the fever drove us downtown to see the doctor’ PA, Eric. After much blood work and consulting they decided that I had an infection – possible in my catheter. Final word won’t be until tomorrow but if that’s what it is I may have to have the catheter replaced. Fever is down now that I’m on antibiotics. We’ll know tomorrow when my next chemo session is – hopefully, it’ll be tomorrow. Stay tuned.

I did want to tell you about the Baytown Relay for Life event that we still managed to attend on Friday, though not with the RV as hoped. There seemed to be thousands of people and the announcer said there were 301 “survivors” in the crowd. As we looked around at the group of survivors we both felt pretty emotional and decided I would be part of that group for many years to come. We’ve been told that the event raised over $780,000 and is the second largest relay in the US. Thank you so much to those who made donations in support of me and my efforts to beat the big C. It was good to see so many people I know and especially wonderful to be there with Katy, Sarah, Peter and Peter’s parents Karen and Jim. Thanks to Rindy, BJ, and all for taking such good care of me at the event.

One day at a time - piece of cake

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