Tuesday, April 10, 2007

6th Chemo Session – Halfway

We had a great week last week – museum, Tomball project visit and a trip to the zoo. We capped it off with dinner Sunday at the Backstreet Café with our good friend, Barbara. We spent the night at Katy and Scott’s to avoid morning rush hour and arrived at MDS at 0745 for our 0800 appointment following a good breakfast at the Daily Grind on Washington.

I guess we should have been suspicious because the lab was overflowing. There was a wheelchair jam at the check in counter and every seat was full. I checked in and did my thing by about 0815. Verva gave a pint of blood prior to our 0900 chemo appointment. Checked in at the chemo facility a little before 0900 and didn’t get on flow until 1130. It seems that the lab was backed up badly and it took that that long for the results to be run, checked and released to chemo. They can’t start without the blood work. We got home about 6:30.

One thing we notice every time we go to MDA is how blessed we are to not be as sick as many of the poor people in there for treatment. We see people who can hardly move, men, women and especially children. I guess we’re pretty sick but there is always someone in a worse situation and we need to be appreciative of where we are.

Today, Tuesday, I feel pretty good. The “happy drugs” they give you with the chemo seem to last into the day after. No nausea, etc. I planted the “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” plant that Rindy gave us and rode about 4 miles on my bike. Almost ran over an osprey – don’t know who was surprised the most. Verva spent the afternoon at the pottery studio. I expect tomorrow will be a little slower but so it goes.

One day at a time – piece of cake.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob and Verva,

Very glad to hear things go very well for you.

Have a great day!

Mike and Van

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling well enough for a joke-- this looks like the toughest way to lose weight I've ever heard.

Keep up the positive!
rob s.