Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chemo Deferred

Yesterday we spent most of the day at MDA in preparation for my seventh session of chemo. Finally got to the doctor and he recommended we reschedule a week and give me a week more to recover.. I have some neuropathy (numbness) in my hands and feet and he’d like that to go away before anymore chemo. I was also iron deficient so he basically just gave me week off. It does not effect the treatment so it’s not a bad thing.

So instead of feeling crappy today and looking at a slow week – we get a bonus. An extra week of feeling better. I was initially disappointed because I just want to get this done but I’m okay now. Haven’t made any plans yet but we’d like to get out with my new spotting scope – maybe to Galveston State Park.

One day at a time – piece of cake.


rindy said...

had to ask bj for a definition of a spotting scope - now i get it! today turned out to be a beautiful day.....but make sure you get back in time for the relay - bj said if you need help setting up your trailer he's more than happy to have you as a project manager! he thinks the trailers/suv's at the relay, last year, were parked on an old part of the parking area...not dirt - so, i may (i hate to admit bj is right) be wrong about the dirt part - my memory continues to be lost somewhere in a place far, far away....

can't wait to see you....hope i get a vip pass to the densmore den.....

Wayne Thompson said...

Hi Cuz,
Two in the AM, I just got off work watching wind turbines. Gotta go to bed, but I have realized I have not said hello here lately. I am looking at CD Roms I meant to send at Xmas; these have pictures from last Spring at Johnnie's memorial. Tomorrow morning one will be in the mail to you! It means so much to read your stories here. Did I tell you that I spent some time driving a friend to his radiation treatment this last fall? I appreciated the energetic attitude of the staff at the clinic we went too. I walked through the chemo areas, and I imagined that the feeling of the folks there was to do what was neccessary to make the best of a big challenge, indeed to live well right now, the same thing I get from your blogs. I hope I am living well right now. My daughter Ana and her hubby Steve are moving soon to New Zealand. Boy, you'd like Steve. This move of their's will make the next family reunion more difficult. It boggles me to think that you have only met Ana twice, and that was about a million years ago. I send you and Verva all my love. Keep healing, and keep enjoying that spotting scope.