Friday, April 13, 2007

Boring Update

Sometimes it seems like there’s not really anything of interest to put up on the blog - especially in the first week after a chemo session. Wednesday all I managed to do was drag myself from nap to nap and today I’m about back to “normal”. If it weren’t for the rain I’d try a bicycle ride.

Part of the challenge of this whole thing is to learn what the new “normal” is. It’s very different from the old normal – energy, appetite, aches and pains – all new and not what I’m used to. However, the downside is not acceptable and we need to learn to live with and maximize what we can do in this situation.

Sarah’s returning today from two weeks in England on a job and we’re all going to the annual St. Luke’s Blood Donor dinner tomorrow night. I’m giving a speech on my experiences as a donor and, now, as a possible recipient. That ought to be interesting.

One day at time – piece of cake.

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