Friday, April 20, 2007


This week has lived up to expectations and I’ve felt pretty good. Still, I don’t think I feel as good as the last session and I hope that’s not a trend. Even so, on Wednesday Verva and I attended our first ever yoga class.

I went in anticipation of getting very sore and stretching things that I haven’t stretched since I got sick. The classes last an hour and at the end I was feeling all my muscles and joints and sweating freely. The class had no lasting effects – I was able to move the next day and we went back to a second class this morning. The test will be how much I can do next week following chemo on Monday.

On Thursday night, Verva and I went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, 17, in the Alden Hotel on Prairie. It was excellent. My only disappointment was that their selection of milk wasn’t as comprehensive as their wine list.

After dinner we cruised down to the Alley Theater where we saw “To Kill a Mockingbird”. It was very well staged and we thank John and Houston Asset Management for the tickets. Peter and Sarah met us there.

I finally had to admit that I can’t do my whole yard anymore so I cut a deal with the landscaper for him to do the string trimming and maintain the beds while I cut the grass and edged the hard borders. Works pretty well – yard looks nice.

We are going to a good friend’s wedding tomorrow and it will be nice to see a lot of our old friends from ExxonMobil. Good week overall…..

One day at a time – piece of cake


rindy said...

yoga by yoda - you are the yoda in my makes sense you would get into this - besides the image of your long legs, i am thinking after you get all limbered out - a densmore family game of twister might be in order - but i want to be there as the observer and photographer!

the weather is beautiful and i am glad you have let someone else have the honor of working in your yard.....

i had someone come up at the event and tell me how "courageous and brave" i was for being willing to get up infront of everyone so "blotchy and bloated" - i told them that i regardless of my appearance i wouldn't miss the honor of being there with everyone there (o'kay maybe not her) - so, you know i am not thrilled with having my face plastered in your blog - and you know how i hate photos and would not let anyone else but you talk me into one - but being next to you, heck, who could pass up that opportunity!

so, take care and hope to see both of you soon! love you all, rindy

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob and verva,

Thank you for the new post. And glad to hear everything goes well for you.

Wish you continue having positive news.

Mike and Van