Saturday, April 7, 2007

Trip to the Zoo

It’s real good to be in the part of the chemo cycle where I feel almost normal. Yesterday we went to the zoo with our friends the Hammens. We’ve known the girls, Lilly and Heather, since their birth and we are very close to them. Our last trip to the zoo was in the early 90’s so there have been lots of changes so the girls gave us a tour. The weather was beautiful and we had a good time.

Today a cold front came in and the temperature is 42 degrees (yesterday it was near 80). While I don’t mind cold when I can be inside, I unfortunately had to get the grass cut before the next rain (today) and before my next chemo Session (Monday). I bundled up like I was going snowmobiling. Gloves, parka, hat, face cover – due to the chemo I am very sensitive to the cold. My nose, toes and fingers were numb when I finished and it started raining about 2/3 of the way through – not hard enough to have to stop. My fingers are still numb as I type this.

6th chemo session Monday – that’s half way through. I’ve felt better this past week than I have so far. The chemo effects last a little longer each time but I feel better after each session.

One day at a time – piece of cake…..


Anonymous said...

Hey Bob,

We haven't been to the zoo in a long time, but understand it all happens there.(Paul Simon) What was actualy going on? Glad you had a nice time. Rebecca has a girl on the way so we will get some zoo time in. We think of you often and you are in our prayers. Doug and Kathy

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob and Verva,

Glad that you had a great time with the Hammens at the Houston Zoo. It's great to see the picture of you, Lilly and Heather. It reminds me so much of the time we all lived together on the same street, Lofty Mountain.

Have a Happy Easter Sunday.

Mike and Van

rindy said...

the zoo is one of my favorite places - i'm a member of the zoo, museum of natural science, museum of fine arts and who knows what else - they are great places to should go to the japanese gardens as well - in hermann park. it has the most wonderful plants and a good place to walk and get lost - as is all hermann park. sometimes when i have to hang around for results of blood work before they shoot me up - bj and i picnic in the park - ride the train, walk around and just sit and enjoy all that is houston....all by light rail...

i was a volunteer at the houston zoo in the late 60's part of the national honor society program. it has changed so much....animals more in natural surroundings, etc. but considering houston's zoo was a free zoo - no admission price at all for so many years - it is amazing how good the zoo was. and with the zoo now charging admission (a very low admission) - it is even more amazing the differences they have made.

seeing downtown, mid town, south of 59, all the development is just amazing.

where chinatown was has become full of lofts - a few places remain - but went to the "new" chinatown between 59 and beltway on bellaire blvd. - it was amazing...there is a mall "hong kong city" with shops of herbs, remedies, etc. and other shops and a very neat grocery store there; i bought all kinds of vegetables to try at home. there are a couple of others around that area - newer - i checked out one and will try the other another time.

i'm working on my chop sticks so i don't make a fool of myself on our next lunch - i went to a dim sum place and no one spoke english and i faked my way around and tried some and liked it and others not so much - definitely a place for a crowd - not a loner like i was that day....

wanted to go this weekend - but have been visiting a friend who had surgery last monday - i spent that night with her in the hospital then stayed with her tuesday and have been staying close every day since then - i'll take her in for her check up on monday and do my thing as well.

love you - take care and when you run out of weeds - come to crosby - i have plenty - so many i don't know what are weeds and what are plants - yet another area i fall short of "the densmore"....

love to all!

rindy said...

oh yea...remind me to ask you if you planted your yesterday, today and tomorrow - i gave frances canet one and bj planted that one for her - she wanted it outside her back porch so she could smell it; so that is where it went!