Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Out and About

Yesterday we went into Houston to see the “Masterpieces of French Painting from the Metropolitan Museum of Art 1800 -1920”. Pretty fancy title and a pretty nice exhibit. We liked being able to see the progression of impressionistic art over the period of time represented here. It’s always interesting to see something different. The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam shows how his work developed over the course of his life – very interesting. There is a Salvatore Dali museum in St. Petersburg, Florida that does the same thing for Dali.

Afterwards, we drove about 35 miles north to visit a shop where I had been doing some work before I got sick. It was a great job. The technology was brand new and ExxonMobil had been involved from the beginning. The engineering company was young and excited and based in Vancouver. A lot of the fabrication of the critical new technology was done just south of Toronto. The unit was assembled into a self contained skid in Tomball, Texas and the final installation will be in our refinery in Fos near Marseilles, France. I was involved in this project for quite a while and it was exciting to finally see it assembled and in the final stages of completion.

Today, I got out a little gardening stool, plugged in my MP3 player to a Formula One podcast, got on my gloves and weeded about half my patio before getting rained out. Needless to say, most of the chemo aftereffects are gone and I’m feeling pretty good. I have a Building Committee meeting tonight and plan on finishing the weeding tomorrow.

One day at a time – piece of cake.


Anonymous said...

Bob -
You are just amazing. I think MDA will soon make you their poster child to show how the healing process should be done. You are a powerful example to us all.

Jane (Ebone)

rindy said...

once again you have made me silent with your deeds! i wander around downtown - riding the rail and walking and just think of how amazing you are. i visit quite a bit with the patients who i am directed to who need to talk to someone who has "been there" and in all my travels, all these years...all the visits - i have never seen anyone who has been such an example of how to do things - but one question - did you take that painting to fund all your escapades? ha! ha! isn't it great all that you can do withing a few blocks of the medical world?

will give you a call next week about the blood program event - where you will, once again, amaze, inspire and charm everyone with your you all!