Friday, February 23, 2007

Chemo #3

This afternoon I go down to MDA for my third chemo treatment. We spent most of yesterday there – blood work, nutritionist, and an appointment with the doctor. At MDA, you don’t just get to see the doctor, you also get to visit both the clinical test administrators who seek pretty detailed information on how you are responding to the chemo and how you are feeling. I have to keep a daily log sheet which they review with me every 4 weeks. You also get to visit the physician’s assistant who goes over your condition in detail and answers any questions you have. In between, the nutritionist and the social worker drop by. Eventually you even get to see the doctor.

The overall feeling and judgment is that this chemo is working pretty well for me. I am the first person in the 11th test group for this trial and each group gets a higher dosage so, right now, my group is getting the highest dosage in the trial. All the staff there always tries to decide how I’m doing by whether or not I’m smiling. I will admit there have been a couple times that I was a little grouchy and didn't smile much. Most of the time now I really do feel pretty good. You can see this by the picture of me writing this blog entry.

Notice that I shaved my head – not because my hair was falling out but in support of Brittney’s rehab efforts.

I probably won’t write an entry over the weekend – the chemo does make me pretty tired for a couple days.

One day at a time – piece of cake.

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rindy said...

i want to borrow the new car or at least get a ride in it! so, i'm second in line for the car that hasn't been purchased yet!

your story is much better than mine - i just wanted to look like you did when you shaved your head for some silly safety thing.....gee didn't ken do that too - what a weird pairing that is....

i'm not avoiding you....just extremely crazy right now - i'll be back from that world soon.....and will check in....

rest up this weekend; i'll give you a call monday; and glad you like the t-shirts - i proudly wore mine to the blood drive steering committee meeting - i am now, and have always been so proud and honored to be a part of your life - let me know what i can cook and bring when i come visit - when i get "out" again!

donor event april is set! you can buy me my first drink!

love to all....