Monday, February 5, 2007

Real Food Tastes Good

Sorry for those of you who rooted for the Bears last night. I had hoped it would be a better game (read more even). We watched the game over at Katy and Scott’s and spent the night because we had an appointment at MDA this morning.

Verva is now fully certified to change the dressing on my catheter and to flush the line on a daily basis. I think I’ll buy her a little nurse’s outfit for Valentine’s Day. Verva says no pictures to follow.

Things continue show some improvement. This is the second day I’ve been able to eat regular food and it’s a vast improvement over the Boost and the Ensure I’ve been trying to get down. The chemo seems to be working on the tumor and the cancer at my esophagus/stomach junction. I can swallow easier and a lot of the gas, bloating and dry heaving have gone.

I am planning on cutting the grass tomorrow if the temperature goes above 60. I’m suffering mower withdrawal.

Stay tuned….

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rindy said...

ok, i can't help myself - my colts won, you are eating and seeing improvement and verva in a nurses uniform!!! life is good!