Sunday, February 18, 2007


Each day that passes I seem to feel better. The chemo’s working on me and I can tell. While I still have no appetite, eating’s easier and I haven’t lost any more weight. Our attitude has changed over the past weeks from one of fear and despair to a much more positive outlook thanks to the people at MDA, our family and our friends (and, of course, a chemo treatment that’s working). We’re looking at treating this like a chronic illness – one that will have to be dealt with but one that is survivable.

We’re not taking the 5th wheel out today like we planned. The cold weather makes it difficult for me to do much outside because one of the chemo meds makes my fingers numb in the cold. and that would include hooking up, setting up and messing with the 5th wheel. The trailer will have to wait for warmer weather. We are, however, heading for Rockport (about 250 miles SW of Houston on the coast) as soon as I get done writing this. Our good friends, Mike and Leslye, have offered us their house there for a couple days and we’re grateful. The weather’s lovely, clear and cool, and tomorrow we’ll take a boat ride out to see the whooping cranes and do some walking and birding. We’ll be back Tuesday night or Wednesday. No postings until we return.

The picture is of my main project team wearing “The Densmore Project” tee shirts provided by my hero, Rindy. These tee shirts are available for all team members.

One day at a time – piece of cake


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob - It's so great to hear you are feeling better and to see that you're looking better, too! I hope you and Verva have a great trip to Rockport - it is so beautiful there!

Pippa and Matt

Anonymous said...

I love it! You all look adorable. Glad you're feeling better - great attitude. :-)
xo Suzie & Michael

Anonymous said...

Bob - great picture of the team. Have a good trip.


Anonymous said...


Enjoy those whooping cranes! I just came back from Mardi Gras where one parade was themed "endangered and extinct species". One of the floats was for the whooping cranes. I hope you see many of them and have a wonderful, restful time away!
Jen D.

Anonymous said...

Have a real good time and see lots of cranes! Take pictures!

Good picture of the team.

Renee D.