Monday, February 12, 2007


It’s a big time stormy Texas day here. Thunder, lightning, inch an hour rain. Nice day to be inside. However, before it started I actually got out and ran some errands. Got the oil in my truck changed and renewed my safety sticker. Tried to find a new spreader to pull behind my tractor but was unsuccessful.

I seem to see changes and improvements each day. Much less hic-cups and each day it’s easier to eat. That’s not to say that I want to eat – my appetite’s gone south. But since I have to eat it’s better that the food goes down easier. This two week period will be interesting. I want to see if I have enough steam to go get my 5th wheel and park it in the driveway and then maybe next week take a short trip down the coast. I also want to see if I can get back on track with our church expansion – I’ve missed a couple meetings but I think I’m still the Chairman of the Committee. I also need to get outside and start walking so that I don’t turn into a vegetable.

If I can do these few things, they will give us some indication of how the next 6 months will play out and we very much want to have some routine and normalcy back in our lives.

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Janine Clements said...

Dear Bob & Verva,

Routine and normalcy will both come...I promise. Although you may have to alter your perception of both a little.

So glad to hear you are doing so well on the drugs and are seeing some benefit so soon. Enjoy the maragaritas while you can! LOL

The exercise will help both physically and mentally. As will working on the church expansion. They are very blessed to have you as the committee chairman. Glad to see you are making some plans to get away, too. I know the small trips we planned were great for all of us.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.