Thursday, February 8, 2007

Margaritas and Pedicures

In anticipation of some post chemo downtime, Verva and I took advantage of a 70+ degree day and went out to run some errands, have some lunch and get a pedicure.

For lunch we went to a good Mexican restaurant near our house called Mely's. I had a margarita and fajita quesadillas. The margarita was the first (or maybe the second) drink I’ve had since we started down this path – I lost my taste for wine and beer (cancer is tough) – and it was good. So was the quesadilla. This demonstrates my improved ability to eat. I gained 2 pounds so I’m up 182.

We also got a pedicure. When I first retired, Verva asked me to come along for a pedicure. After some initial reluctance, I went and found that I enjoyed it very much. You sit in these massage chairs and put your feet in this little hot tub. The best part is the massage at the end.

We’re spending the night at Katy and Scott’s in preparation for an early start to our second chemo session tomorrow morning. Based on the progress in the past two weeks, we’re looking forward to the treatment and continued progress.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are pampering yourself! I personally think margaritas, TexMex and pedicures are a fantastic combination. It sounds like you have responded really well to the chemo. Keep up the good work!

Jen D.

Anonymous said...

Bob - Melys is our favorite restaurant. Glad to hear you enjoyed the margarita and are doing well.


Leslye said...

Well, I can't think of a better combination then margaritas and pedicures. You are lucky! I am still trying to get Verva to have a pedicure with me!
The only thing better is to have a margarita WHILE you are having a massage in a pedicure chair. Maybe we should open one up! Anyway, glad the quesidella went down which means that things have improved immensely - wonderful!
Thinking of you both often and wishing you the very best tomorrow.
Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, Clyde Laird here. Sharon and I are cheering for you 100%. Thanks for keeping us updated with the blog.

Very much appreciated your father's buddy's comments.

Hang in there big guy.

Clyde & Sharon

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob
I have a bottle of 2003 pinot noir from monterey county that would change your mind about the wine thing. You can almost taste the dirt the vines grew in. It might be the bottle Miles was looking for in Sideways. I'll keep it until you make it to the west coast. Gloria and I will soon be residents of Rough and Ready, just down the road from Grass Valley.