Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Home Again

We got back from Rockport yesterday afternoon after a great couple days. The weather on Monday was perfect and we had a great trip out to look at the whooping cranes. You take a boat from Fulton Harbor down to the Aransas Wildlife Refuge. The birds winter in the refuge and you can see them quite well from the boat.

There are generally two adults and an adolescent in each group. Each group claims about a square mile of territory. This flock at Aransas migrates 2400 miles from the Northwest Territories in Canada. There are 237 birds in the flock and there are a total of 518 birds when you count the non-migrating and captive birds in the U.S. In 1941 there were only 16 birds. These birds stand 5 and a half feet tall and are truly spectacular.

It was a good trip and we saw many other birds ranging from peregrine falcons to American Oyster Catchers. We headed for home on Tuesday with several stops along the way.

We have a quiet day today and a day full of doctor appointments tomorrow and chemo on Friday. We were glad for the change of scenery and I was glad I was able to drive us down there and back. I couldn’t have done that two weeks ago.

One day at a time – piece of cake….


Sarah said...

Hmm, capable of a road trip... That Porsche is looking bright in your future!! Can I ask to borrow it before you've even bought it??

bv said...

our trip this weekend will put us smack in the middle of the modoc county wild life refuge...spectacular. our own place is pretty crazy in the winter. mick being the head liner, strutting his stuff for the cats. trips are good.

gaye said...

Aren't those cranes amazing? I got goose bumps last year watching those birds - so graceful, so huge, so.. solid somehow! But then I could use all those words to describe you! you're purdy amazing!
love to yah both!

Jo Jo said...

This is the first time that I've added a comment to your blog, but I've been reading your posts since the second one! I work with Rindy and you have worked with my husband in BTRF - Phil Baker. I am Joanna Gold-Baker(Jo Jo) and at one time or another, you probably got emails from me from the Employees Club. I like reading you blogs when I get a minute or two. Thank you so much for sharing your spirit with us! Your positive outlook is contagious! God bless you...I am praying for angels to surround you right now. I'll post some more comments when I get some more time. Take by day.

rindy said...

i can't wait to see more photos! i haven't made that trip in years.....need to take time to do that - but seems i live through others adventures - and that is fine and cheaper!!!

when i see such beauty in nature; simple things like a sunset; the way the clouds form; the way rain drops fall and form a is as if i can feel all the hurt, poison and weakness drifting away in the sunset and drifting clouds and flowing away in the streams of rain and in its place...a peace and serenity fills me....and it is a nice place to be.....being your friend is a nice place to be....