Thursday, February 1, 2007

Life Is Good

I never imagined I’d be sitting here at my computer at 9:30 a.m. typing and drinking a chocolate milk shake. Life is good. Today seems to bring some changes. The pain and heaviness in my chest is gone – that means I can sleep comfortably. I ate my breakfast (such as it was) without any problems. Nausea stay away from my door. I even ate some grapefruit sections and they were good. All hopeful signs – it’s been 6 days since chemo.

I have to go out and buy some pants today. Losing 20 pounds means that, unless they have a drawstring or an elastic waistband, they aren’t going to stay up no matter how tight you pull the belt. We’re also going to pick up Hector and bring him home to be with Poki. That’ll be nice.

Dinner tonight with my brother and kids – life is good.

Stay tuned…..


Anonymous said...

Give my other favorite cousin a hug for me
and say hi. Enjoy his jokes--are they really
funny? Maybe you don't need the Porsche,
but you'd look awfully good in it. Of course,
then'd you'd have to take Steve/Doug for a
love you, Karyn

Suzie said...

So great to read your updates but very sad to hear about Hector. Glad to hear things are in an upswing mode. How nice that you can eat something and not feel like somebody ran a truck into you. Sounds like you've had some good words of wisdom from many people who've been down your path. Looking at your old photo, I guess you're thinking that will prep us all for the one you're about to post of you wearing your speedo! We're thinking of you & Verva and the girls constantly. Take good care anad keep up that great attitude! xo Suzie & Michael

Anonymous said...

Well, from your latest report, it sounds like you're one of those "complete responders"! I suspected as much!

Love and hugs and best wishes for many good laughs with your brother. Will anyone record the two of you together? Please! Don't deprive the rest of us!


Anonymous said...

We all rejoice and are in awe of your spirit and determination and your ability to retain your sense of humor. It serves as a reminder to us to be a better person each day and to share our love with those around us.

Anonymous said...

Bob - glad you enjoyed that shake. I have to tell you, that picture of you the day you met the black bear is just priceless.


Anonymous said...

Bob, I met you when I was working in BTAP before you retired. I work with Sarah now in CPM. I just found out about recent health problems. Sarah gave me the blog site so I thought I would visit. Keep your head up and kick this thing. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Tom Reinert