Friday, February 2, 2007

Fresh Air

We had a great day today. Charlie Gibson and Alok Kalia took Verva and me and my brother John out for a boat ride. The weather wasn’t as nice as we’d hoped but the fresh air blew through my head and was very therapeutic. We left the Blue Dolphin Marina around 0900 and headed out to Red Fish Island. The water was a little choppy but their Top Cat handled it very well.

From Red Fish we cruised along the inside of the ship channel towards LaPorte and cruised through the Houston Yacht Club looking at expensive boats. From there we came back down to Kemah and went over to South Shore Harbor (more expensive boats). The fresh air was good for Verva and me and the tour gave my brother a better feel for the Bay Area. Thanks again to Charlie and Alok.

Each day I’m able to get a little more food down and have a few less problems. Today’s boat ride went pretty smoothly. With the help of our family and friends we’ll get to the other side – one day at a time – piece of cake.

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rindy said...

wow, what a day...and the sunshine followed you home and gave us a beautiful sunset...i can't shake this crud i have but when i do...i really want to come visit....last time i went to redfish island - well, that story will have to wait...i think i need to be drinking to tell it! i just have to remember that drinking and blogging don't mix!

looks like donor event will be saturday, april 14 - i'm still looking at locations - so, plan for that!!!!

sarah is becoming a force in the relay for life - last year i helped her a little; this year she doesn't need my help at all! she has your drive...and, gratefully, verva's looks!

love you all, rindy